2019, another year, another website.

First let me start by wishing you all the best for 2019 and that all your goals may be achieved!!

Looking back at 2018 i can definitely say it was a great year. The family is doing well and we are looking forward to the newest addition of the van Gerven clan. Work has also been very exciting. The project we’ve been working on is taking shape and everyone is looking forward to the day it get’s launched.

I’m not a big fan of new years resolutions but i still have a couple of goals i wanna focus on for 2019:

  • improving / expanding my graphic skillset
  • personal development at work
  • spending more time / getting back in touch with friends and family
  • mastering the basics of the Japanese language


Secondly, welcome to my new website! The previous version wasn’t really working for me. It was to much of a hassle to keep the site updated add this one gives me the oppurtunity to share more (hopefully interesting) content.

At this point the website is still lacking content and most of my recent work is not for public eyes (yet) but i aim at posting at least once every month. 

Cya soon!

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